ClearFog was founded in the year of 2016 by videographers/cinematographers, Brandon Hunt. What started off as a hobby turned into a professional passion. Since the start of the company, we've filmed many weddings around Louisiana. We have also filmed some business commercials and other events, like baby showers, baby births, and graduation dinners. We are DSLR shooters who understand the importance of capturing those moments- the first kiss, the look given at that special moment, the family and friends who made the day/event so much more special, etc..- that matter most, knowing that you can never get those moments back. 

Our specialty is weddings. We also film videos for real estate, commercials for businesses, promotional videos for events, and keepsake videos for special events like baby showers and birthday parties. 


Meet the Team

Videographers and Cinematographers, Brandon and Abigail have been married for 3 years, and have been doing videography together for 2 of those years. Once Brandon developed a fervor for making videos for couples, knowing the importance of a wedding video, Abigail was on board. What inspired both was their own wedding video. They both appreciate the fact that they can take their wedding video out and watch that day over and over again. It's not just etched in their brain as memories, but on DVD for watching as well. They would like to provide that same opportunity for others. 

"I feel every bride deserves a beautiful video of their special day. Pictures are good, but it's nothing like a video that evoke moving visuals of those special moments that fill a couple's day." -Abigail

"I love videoing, there's something about it that's unlike anything else."- Brandon 



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